Friday, 25 May 2012


Back from New York after having the best 7 days ever! Fallen head over heals with the huge cultural melting pot that is crammed with the friendliest people. In between doing the classic tourist stuff (which I highly recommend, it's cheesy but amazing!!) I managed to pop in and see a couple of design studios too, the highlight of which had to be the Saatchi & Saatchi offices. Everyone was so friendly and there was such a positive atmosphere in the studio, felt like a home rather than an office.

Oh and apparently in New York, Dolphins are raping everyone? These stickers were everywhere!

I miss it so much but I've come back to Carlisle totally revived and ready to finish out the last part of my degree, starting with exhibition prep and ending in New Blood and (fingers crossed) some form of employment. I've just got my new website up ( so if anyone spots any teething problems that I haven't I'd super appreciate it if you'd let me know. Anyway, din dins are over now, back to work. 

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