Tuesday, 1 November 2011


You decide, ha.

Summartive Take 2

A mailer done to send out to future employers (scary!). I wanted to avoid the classic "here's just a small taster of my portfolio" and give them a small taster on my views on design. It was also 1000mm x 100mm which was a really weird format to work in but I do love a challenge.

Summartive Take 1

This was an A0 Screenprint. Most fun I've ever had on a project. Screenprinting makes me a very happy girl.

Burn baby burn

Project from last year, that I've just got round to photographing, showing off my beautiful match box collection (that I've now lost!)


A recent editorial project, a monograph on the word Transition. Very open ended so I decided to use abstract shapes to reflect synonyms of transition.

I'm back